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Software update 15.15.05 for SMART Room System


Software update 15.15.05 for the SMART Room System for Skype™ for Business is now available., making Skype for Business Room System client compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business servers which have the MS16-065 update applied.

This update addresses issues where Skype for Business conferencing modalities were broken by installing Microsoft update MS16-065 on Skype for Business servers.


Issues with the following features are addressed with the 15.15.05 client update:

  •  Whiteboarding
  •  Uploading PowerPoint Presentations
  •  Sharing Notes
  •  Polls
  •  Q&A


Specifically, this software update addresses the following error messages that users may have previously received:

  •  We can’t connect to the server for presenting right now.
  •  Network issues are keeping you from sharing notes and presenting whiteboards, polls and uploaded Powerpoint.
  •  An error occurred during the Skype Meeting.


SMART Room System installations with automatic updates enabled (default) will receive the updates during the regularly-scheduled nightly maintenance windows. To download and install the 15.15.05 update manually, visit the Microsoft support page.


Please ensure that your customers take advantage of this update for an enhanced user experience.


Please refer to the following SMART Knowledge Base articles for more information:

Summary of SMART Room System with Skype for Business (formerly SMART Room System with Microsoft Lync [SRS-Lync]) software updates.

May 2016 Microsoft security update MS16-065 for .NET framework causes Whiteboard, PowerPoint presentations and other SMART Room System functions to behave unexpectedly